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Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Posted on 9th Jan 2018 @ 12:00 AM
Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Having high quality and effective outdoor lighting is important in ensuring safety and making sure visibility is high at your business. Switching your outdoor lighting to an LED light substitute is an easy way to save money, energy, and be eco-friendlier. CPS LED Lighting has a variety of outdoor lighting solutions available. Three of our most popular outdoor options are our LED Shoebox Light, Highbay Flood Light, and Outdoor Canopy Light.

Our LED Shoebox Light produces a soft, uniform, and safe to the eyes light. This makes it the perfect lighting solution for school playgrounds, stadiums, community leisure entertainment plazas, and road lamps. CPS LED Shoebox lights have a UL cUL certificate and a high CRI, which means the light produced will not distort colors. This is necessary in applications on sports courts to ensure players are able to see the ball and the lines on the courts. They are great for outdoor installations because of their instantaneous start, no flickering, and no humming. CPS LED Lighting has a variety of options available to fit any need. There are both 4000K and 5000K color temperature options available. In terms of wattage, there are 120, 150, 200, 300, and 480 wattage options. The LED Shoebox Light comes with a 10-year warranty making it a perfect choice for outdoor applications.

CPS LED Lighting’s Highbay Flood Light is a great lighting option for factory floors, libraries, parks, supermarkets, and railway stations. It also works perfectly in advertising lighting because of its uniform wide beams of light with no flickering. Our Highbay Lights are eco-friendly because they contain no mercury within the bulbs. There are a variety of mount options available allowing customization. CPS LED Lighting has a variety of color temperature options and wattage options available ranging from 15 to 300 Watts. The Highbay Flood Lights come with a ten-year warranty.

Our Outdoor Canopy Light is great for gas stations, parking garages, and service station applications. We have both thread and surface mounting options available, in addition to recessed and non-recessed options. They provide a warm white light which helps to increase visibility in outdoor applications. CPS LED Lighting has a variety of wattage options ranging from 35 to 130 Watts and several color temperature options as well. All Outdoor Canopy Lights come with a 5-year warranty making them a great investment in your business.