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Pres-sure LED High Bay Light - New Product!

Posted on 20th Nov 2017 @ 12:00 AM
Pres-sure LED High Bay Light - New Product!

An exciting new product is coming to CPS LED Lighting December 1st. The Pres-sure Light LED Highbay is a highbay featuring NSF certification for Food Processing Applications, making it the perfect choice for food processing facilities. This certification makes this bulb a great asset to your business. NSF International is an independent, non-profit, third-party product and system certifier that ensures products meet official regulations and specifications, industry standards, and product specific test protocols. Public health officials recognize the NSF trademark as well. By using this product, you will ensure your lighting is at industry standards for your business.

The Pres-sure Light LED Highbay comes with a 7-year warranty, which makes it a great investment for food processing applications. There is a great variety of color, installation, reflector, and voltage options available. The highbay light comes in both white and silver options. It also comes with an OEM nameplate free of charge. Multiple installation options are available as well, like hook mounting, bracket mounting, and pipe mounting. Four reflector options are available as well; PC lens, PC reflector, and two colors of aluminum reflector. When it comes to voltage, there is 100-240VAC, 100-277VAC, and 277-480VAC. In terms of intelligent control, there is a DALI control and a 1-10v dimming control option. The optics of the light can easily be replaced to 50°/60°, 90°, and 120°. The Pres-sure Light LED Highbay comes with UL, DLC, and NSF certifications. With such a wide variety of options, you are guaranteed to find one that works for your facility.

This highbay light is Anti UV and is made of nontoxic materials, which makes it great for food processing applications. No glass or exposed screws are used in the design to ensure no falling glass shards or materials can enter foods. The Pres-sure Light LED Highbay has excellent thermal management and has IP66 rated ash down fixtures, meaning this light can withstand daily direct jets of 1600 Psi water. This makes the highbay extremely durable. It is best used in food processing and handling, beverage processing, chemical facilities, pet-food production, poultry and meat processing, grain and sugar processing, and pharmaceutical plants.