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How LED Lighting Improves Productivity and Employee Morale

Posted on 6th Sep 2017 @ 12:00 AM
How LED Lighting Improves Productivity and Employee Morale

A company’s overall success is dependent upon its employees and their ability to create quality work in a timely fashion. Companies are always looking for a way to increase productivity in the workplace, but did you know it could be as easy as changing your light bulbs? Making the switch from CFL to LED lighting in your workplace can drastically improve the productivity and morale of your employees.

The human body uses light as a way of regulating our circadian rhythm. These different hues of lighting can trigger various physiological effects making us drowsy or more active. If a red or orange light is used in the workplace, it will trigger the body to produce melatonin, which is used to help the body go to sleep. This kind of lighting will cause drowsiness and lethargy among employees, leading to a lag in productivity. On the other hand, a cool white LED light is most similar to daylight. By using this lighting, employees will experience a reduction in fatigue making them more alert and energized. 

The type of lighting used in the workplace can directly affect your employees’ health. CFLs contain mercury and would release toxic fumes if broken. Inhalation of mercury can lead to damage of the lungs, kidneys, and nervous, digestive, and immune systems. That means if a bulb is broken, work can be stalled as the bulb is cleaned up according to EPA procedures. LED lighting contains no mercury, which makes it a safe option for the workplace. If a bulb were to break, which is rare among LED bulbs, work and projects would not be delayed. CFL bulbs also emit UV radiation. Even though they contain low amounts, UV radiation over time can damage the skin and eyes leading to premature aging, cancer, and cataracts. LED lighting emits very little to no UV radiation proving it to be the safer option for the workplace. CFL also can flicker and fluctuate in color throughout the workday. These changes can lead to headaches and dizziness especially among employees who are sensitive to light. LED lighting will always remain constant, never flickering or changing in color.

The temperature of the workplace can also affect the productivity of its employees. CFLs release a higher amount of heat than LED lighting does. These higher heat emissions will lead to higher temperatures in the workplace. Higher temperatures can lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion, which is harmful to an employee’s health. It can also lead to a loss of concentration and irritability, which lowers productivity. Since it has a lower heat emission, LED lighting will create a cooler work environment. This contributes to employees feeling healthier and happier, making them more productive.

Making the simple switch from CFL to LED lighting can help your company boost productivity while ensuring their health and mental well-being. Let CPS LED Lighting help you make the switch and help your company achieve success!