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Why Should you Invest in LED Floodlighting?

Posted on 21st Jun 2017 @ 12:00 AM
Why Should you Invest in LED Floodlighting?

Flood lights are a commonly used fixture both indoors and outdoors. Typically, they are used for parking lots, stadiums, fields, outside of homes, and in warehouses. They are often chosen over spotlights because they can illuminate larger areas than a spotlight.

You can find floodlights that use CLF, halogen, or LED bulbs- but why should you choose LED flood lights?

Of all of these bulbs, LED bulbs last significantly longer. They can last up to 50,000 hours which is 13.8 times longer than halogen bulbs. CFL bulbs generally last 8,000 hours. That means that LED bulbs would last 6 times longer than CFL bulbs. Although halogen bulbs can be brighter than LED bulbs, LED bulbs will cut down your electric bill. When discussing how much energy these bulbs consume, halogen bulbs generally produce 80% heat and 20% light compared to LED bulbs that produce 80% light and 20% heat. Halogen bulbs also require hot temperatures to produce light, so they don’t work very well in cold weather. Where halogen bulbs are extremely sensitive and can malfunction at contact with skin oils, LED bulbs are virtually shatterproof. They also don’t contain any mercury unlike CLF bulbs. So, if you are concerned about breaking your bulbs, you don’t have to worry about the potentially hazardous material in LED bulbs. Since these bulbs don’t contain mercury, you don’t have to worry about any mercury emissions. When using LED bulbs, you also don’t have to worry about carbon or lead emissions.

When choosing fixtures like flood lights, it is important to think about maintenance requirements. When buying LED, you don’t have to worry about replacing these bulbs because of a short lifespan, an extremely pricey electricity bill, or bulbs that can’t withstand the weather. While they will be more expensive than other bulbs, you will see a return on investment. A bonus is that these bulbs are the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly as compared to their competitors.

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